Get a Push!

The help this baby elephant got from a peer is greater than what some humans would give to another human. This is something we can all learn from.


Have you been in a situation where you felt like you fell into a river of raging problems?
Your relationship with your family aren’t good.
There are setbacks at your work, career or business. 
You are financially struggling. 
Big companies are after you – electricity, water, mortgage, telephone, tuition fees and more bills due!
The troubles are dragging you down and you are pulling yourself up. You’ve tried to grasp on anything. And did everything with your all-being to push yourself from the river, but you still can’t!

Because there’s not enough to hold on to. You lack the ability and resources. You felt alone and helpless but then you still go on with your will. You never gave up until someone came to help!

The help this elephant got from a peer, in the following video, is greater than what some humans would give to another human. This is something we can all learn from.
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Is Your Cup Full?

To serve more and love more, you need to have an overflowing cup of love from within you and our God.


How is your service and love cup? Puno pa ba o malapit ng maubos?

Here’s a fact:

The state of your love cup determines the state of your service or work.

Ika nga ni Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops yourself.”

Bilang isang religious servant and fellowship facilitator, expressing our love and service is inevitable. We are called to pour perfume on others, to fill their cup with the gift of ourselves.

Yet many times, we overlook where our drive to serve comes from. Our relationship with ourselves and with our Creator is the basis from which all our relationships are anchored. 
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Lahat ay POSIBLE because You BELIEVE!

Success Starts From Belief! Start BELIEVING! 

Naaalala mo pa ba noong bata ka pa…?

ISIPIN mo nuong BATA ka pa lang
Kahit ano ay POSSIBLE sa’yo ‘di ba?

Nagsuot ka pa ng KUMOT sa likuran mo,
Tapos ikaw na si Superman.
Nagme-make up ka pa,
Tapos Artista ka na.

Umaakyat ka pa ng puno,
Di ka natatakot at
di mo iniisip na pwede kang mahulog..

Naisip mo lang yung mga bagay na yun
At ginagawa mo nga
because YOU BELIEVE!
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You’re a WINNER!!!

It’s not yet over, you can move forward even you have failed. Because at the end of the day, you’re still a winner….

  • Have you ever been in a situation that you are out of your luck? 
  • Yong tipong pakiramdam mo na ikaw na ang pinakamalas na tao sa mundo?
  • Yong hindi mo alam kung ano ang gagawin sa buhay mo?
  • Yong iniisip mo na wala na talagang mangyayaring maganda sa buhay mo?
  • That you always FAIL! Lagi kang nagkakamali!
  • Ikaw lagi sinisisi sa bahay nyo at palpak ka naman lagi sa trabaho mo?
  • Yong pakiramdam na wala kang HALAGA dito sa mundong ito?

Alam ko, kahit hindi mo sabihin, you’ve been there. I’ve been there, too, and I believed that we’ve all been there. Natural na nanyayari ito sa buhay. Merong mga lahad itong pinapakita, meron din namang kinikimkim lang. But what’s so important is, how you deal with this kind of situation?
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