Who Am I

Isang Mapagpalang buhay sa’yo,

Ako si Mark-Lee Tupas Isidro. Obviously, I am the owner and your author for this blog site. I am an aspiring best-selling author and an aspiring motivational and transformational speaker. A financial literacy advocate, a ministry servant at The Feast, a Light Group facilitator, a Truly Rich Club and Kerygma Books affiliate and an eternal student.
Welcome to my blog.

Sa blog na ito, I will share with you all of myself. What I experienced and have learned in life. The books that I’ve read. The seminars or training that I’ve attended. Self-realizations, reflections, enlightenment and even regrets. As in everything of myself, that I know you will benefit. 

**About Me**

   Bunso ako sa tatlong magkakapatid. The youngest son of a late Certified Public Accountant in our provincial town’s Municipal Hall, Marina Lascano Tupas, and of a retired Overseas Filipino Worker, Eliseo Estacio Isidro. 

  Lumaki ako sa isang maliit na bayan ng Guinayangan, Quezon province. I moved in Paranaque City when I was college and took Computer Hardware Servicing. I underwent an OJT then worked as Junior Technician in one of the known manufacturing company in Binan, Laguna while studying college for 7 months. I became a Stockman and Crew on a famous fast food restaurant until I graduated. I was given a chance to took another course of Business Administration while working as one of their scholar but didn’t finish it. And that leads me to BPO industry where I am now, as a Customer Care Assistance.

Like most people, I was groomed to be an employee and took the same path that is – finish college and get a good job. I am working hard so that I can also earn, save, and retire young. But having a job isn’t enough to live a life we dreamt of. I saw the limited income and opportunities from the corporate world. 

**The Turnarounds**

In the year 2010, a colleague recommended a book by an author named Robert Kiyosaki, the book is titled “Rich Dad Poor Dad“. It brings many realization and enlightenment after reading that brilliant book. A big shift of course happened to my life as it aspire me to pursue entrepreneurship and to have hunger on learning more in developing my self.

When I was just starting out in saving and growing money with a part-time racket, I struggled so hard, I faced so many rejections, wasted a lot of efforts, wasted a lot of time and money until I don’t know what else to do to become successful. Parang suntok sa ‘bwan ang makamit ang tagumpay. It’s hard to balance and manage your time for your personal life, your job, part-time, and relationships. And higit sa lahat, ang hirap tumulong sa kapwa ng wala kang pantulong. Kasi hindi mo rin matulungan ang sarili mo. Saklap diba?

Then I started to look for more answers and solutions. Entrepreneurship and attaining financial freedom isn’t simple without spirituality. Yes, spirituality. A relationship with God.

So in July of 2016, I attended The Feast. It’s a Catholic prayer community of the Light of Jesus Family, founded by Bro Bo Sanchez. This community made the biggest impact in my life and transformed me to who I am today. I devoted myself now to be an eternal student, hungry for knowledge, wisdom and word of God. This community fed me with the right information – anchored in the Word of God. And now, I feed others. To give unconditionally. And that is love! Yes, LOVE. I will share you the love. Giving and sharing are loving. And the true purpose of wealth is to Love others.

You didn’t expect that do you? 

**My Intentions**

I am baptized in the Catholic faith, a child of God. One of my deepest passion is helping other people like you succeed by sharing you all the knowledge and skills that I’ve learned and will learn; that hopefully inspire and empower you in your Life’s journey – to unlock your untapped and hidden potentials that will bring positive results for you and to those people around you. 

I believe that in order for us to be successful we need to be willing to help others, as well to find success. And the greatest happiness is when you are giving happiness and love to others.

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Isang Taas Kamaong Nagpupugay sa’yo Kaybigan,

Mark-Lee Tupas Isidro

Kaagapay mo sa Mapagpala at
Isang Taas Kamaong Tagumpay!!!

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